Monday, June 8, 2009

Sucre Féerique

Fairy Tale

A police officer walked by me as I was crouched down behind the LANCÔME makeup counter (where I make women more beautiful daily) and asks me what I'm doing as I am reading a text from my hunky Aussie boyfriend, noticing he affectionately calls me "tinkerbell" so I look up at the cop and say "I am a fairy and I'm doing secret fairy things that are very mischievous," which immediately distracted him into tripping and falling over the counter and knocking things down. Of course I giggled and he'll swear to you that I blew pixie dust his way. Then as usual, I thought of fashion, and that I haven't seen any cool designer labels come out with any fairy trends recently so I'd just have to do some research of my own and find some inspiring images.

I am a fairy, see?

Pixie Photography

Prada 2007 Fairy Prints

I'm not really a fan of this, although it may be inspirational for prints

Jennifer Connelly in Balmain Article Link

Balmain Spring RTW 2009 - My little pixie heart started humming when I saw these!

perfect. just perfect.

Just when I thought it couldn't get better I saw this dress and literally took my breath away.
I've never seen anything on the runway that was remotely close to my idea of pretty until I saw these dresses.

I found this book very inspiring, also.

Fairie-ality The Fashion Collection from the House of Ellwand
author: Eugenie Bird
illustrator: David Downton
photographer: David Ellwand



  1. those last two balmain dresses...the black and the purple...omg!

    and the cop story...way too freakin funny!

  2. Danielle I have been trying to find out the artist of the print u have posted on this page the print of the two women where the woman in the white dress is falling into the arms of the other if u could let me know if u know I would appreciate it thanks


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