Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ville de Sexe

I created this in Polyvore, which is what I used to explore fashion themes in my previous
"rainbow" blog. The mood and emotion behind the overall fashion look, with all pieces being tied to that idea, is what really makes a good ensemble to me, it's the fun of the hunt, the find and the overall style, in this case, my idea is just my real self, my attitude, I'm a go-getter, sometimes defiantly punkish but always sweet and full of ideas and "fuck yous" for all those who want spread negative energy into my world. I pictured myself in this outfit taking the night by hand and exploring networks under the stars, maybe in some bar in the city of angels. Dancing and sipping, keeping to myself, smoky eye shadow drawing stares but as long as I'm doing my thing, I'm comfortable rocking out all night long.

I was inspired by Van She, an Aussie rock band, this photo from Elle magazine last month
, these Balmain shoes, and Madonna, not to mention the fairy Balmain dresses were a huge inspiration riding over into this category also.

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