Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Scream Sunday

So Last weekend, I drove to Hot Springs, AR, did a wedding makeup demo, then went out to a bar called Maxine's, where I met an amazing illustrator, who's paintings I had photographed off the street earlier that day, (Can't recall his name)
and also I met my very first "fan" who happened to be the guitarist of the live band playing. He just came up to me and asked me if I was Danielle Nichole and told me he had been a follower of my modeling work, really inspired by it.

I meant to drive home but I ended up grabbing a hotel in Little Rock because two eighteen wheelers crashed and burned, literally, in my path, so I woke up the next morning expecting to go to a modeling convention in Little Rock, when I then realized that I had a 3.5 hour drive to Fayetteville for the convention. I stopped at a very unique and highly recommended boutique named "MAUDE" (I suggest you buy everything there, so chic, not cheap but also not expensive, think 50 bucks for a dress and 40-70 bucks for a shoe.. 12 for a bangle. Really great place, nice decor)
I then headed to the modeling convention for networking purposes. Upon arriving, I was asked to fill in as a MUA, which I did and met the owner of the restaurant location named "Savor" and
she was a wonderful lady who invited me to a fashion show/music video party in
September, which Samantha Ronson will be DJing at.

I bought these items plus a dress that I wore in a shoot-

I also got asked to model and in the shoot, I was put with an old college
buddy (completely random)and we made some fine artistic shots together, (will post soon)

Anyway, I drove back to Little Rock, crashed at my sister's apt and began driving home the next day (mind you I didn't even have a toothbrush, except for the hotel toothbrush and deo that i had to request from the front desk) and I receive a call from Kim, the owner and founder of Faces, Inc. who put on the convention..
She asked me to assist her next week for three days in Branson, Missouri, where I'll be doing make-up for a TV pilot. To name a few that I'll be pampering and making up - Jessica Simpson, Norah Jones...
It's some songwriter show that Warner Bros is putting on. If in case, the show gets picked up, I'll have the opportunity to go to Las Vegas/L.A. for 15 weeks for the filming of the entire show. What just happened?? What? What?!
I go Sunday..

I took these photos in downtown hot springs, right before my cam died.

The Maude images are from their myspace. I posted items that I bought and the dress I modeled will be posted later.

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  1. Oh my gah dani, that is so f'in cool. jealous, jealous, jealous......what an opportunity!

    LOL i told you about polyvore a while back along with .....
    FASHION SITES: Chictopia, Modepass, Weardrobe
    FASHION/VINTAGE BLOGS:Spanish Moss Vintage (the one you LOVED), Bleubird Vintage

    You've been keeping up your blog too...can't wait to read it all!


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