Monday, May 18, 2009

The first taste of sweetness

I'm inspired by a variety of things, empowered by sexiness, edge, and glamour. The only recurring theme that will intertwine my blog posts is my ability to see one object in many perspectives. When I find the most beautiful vision, then I'll explore it. By doing that, I'm showing appreciation to the glittering details of everyday life and seeking inspiration that can be drawn by researching those things that sparkle in the minds eye. It's fashion that inspires me the most, the story it tells, and the references to history, in every detail and even behind a single stitch is a story that can rewind into a factory worker and even further to a farmer or chemist, even further into a science of photosynthesis or atomic particles which is just another doorway into a greater story. Fashion is very complicated, complex and rich in the ideas of things and the feeling of emotional connection to those ideas. It really takes someone who understands that, to understand the importance of fashion.

I'll be researching the Grey Garden's phenomenon in depth for my next post, for now, I've got to release some physical inspiration in the form of dancing and pilates.

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