Friday, August 7, 2009

Fashion Illustration

I've started drawing again, and I just had a flashback to my FIDM fashion illustration II teacher, Nancy Riegelman. I remember how strange and sweet she was. She looked almost like a vampire, skeletal thin and very old, long black hair always slicked back, bleeding black eyeliner and red lipstick on strangely tight eyes & full lips, and she always wore a black hobble dress, long sleeved and mermaid style, paired with platforms and she only walked from her knees down. When she'd sit and sketch, we'd marvel. I saw a photo of her during her younger days, she must have been the brightest star in the room everywhere she went, she was beautiful. I was a true fan, she was the most talented woman I'd ever met. She taught me sketching and I wished dearly that I could take many many more classes and possibly do lunch and hear about her stories. I never got to do that, but here is a blog dedicated to her and her amazing talents.

Nancy's Fashion Illustration books-she wrote these, I highly recommend them.

9 Heads

Colors For Modern Fashion

Here are the only photos of her that I could find on the web. It is her when she was younger, dressed up for some type of Haunted Halloween event put on by the women's organization.

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