Saturday, July 18, 2009

Remembering Aaliyah

Remember when the most beautiful woman in the world was alive? I've compiled Aaliyah's photos and my fav video. She was so inspirational in her own style and beauty. So unique.

2000 Roberto Cavalli gown


  1. i <3 aaliyah too.
    she was such a beauty and i actually really loved her voice....
    i remember finding out that she died via the aol news screen before high school one day, such a tragedy! :(

  2. not just beauty. she could sing and had killah songs. imagine 15 years in the games singing where she would've been or doing?

  3. She was so amazing!!! I was just thinking how unique she was,there was only her with that special style and today everybody's similar 'cause they all copy what she was.I'll never forget her.It's been almost 10 years.People are forgeting,but there will always be a special memory of Aaliyah-Queen of R&B ♥


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